• Custom Impromptu Forms
  • Data Collection
  • Web Expense Report Interface
  • Part Master Audit Reporting
Custom Impromptu Forms

Tired of not having an audit trail for your Partmaster? This utility offers that and more. The simple design, easy installation, and full suite of packaged reports gets your business the traceability of key Partmaster information you have been looking for.



Key Benefits

Data Capture

Track changes made to key Partmaster information through the use of database triggers. These changes are held in an audit table for complete traceability. The software is customized to capture only the field changes critical to your business.


 For changes to Revision, a report shows all potential production exposure such as open PO’s, WO’s, and others. The Utility also includes a comprehensive set of reports that show current values, prior values, timestamps, user names, etc.


The utility provides maintenance functions that allow for the archiving of data to ensure good performance and historical integrity.

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