• Custom Impromptu Forms
  • Data Collection
  • Web Expense Report Interface
  • Part Master Audit Reporting
Custom Impromptu Forms

This interface combines the leading Expense Reporting Software from Concur with your Visibility system. Save valuable time and money by tracking expense reports on-line via the web. Automatically create Visibility GL entries, when all approval criteria has been met.


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Concur Expense™

Concur Expense is the leading eCommerce solution for travel and entertainment expense management. Concur Expense™ automates each step of the travel and entertainment expense management process- from expense report preparation and approval to policy compliance, reimbursement and data analysis.

Improved Business Procedures

Travelers complete expense reports in the easy point-and-click, checkbook-style interface, while working in a familiar browser environment over your corporate intranet. Travelers can complete expense reports on the road using their laptops — even when they’re disconnected from the intranet. 

Create standard GL Entries

The interface utility provides maintenance functions that allow for the archiving of data to ensure good performance and data integrity. Each expense type and amount can be reviewed and edited before allowing the data to post to the GL. The standard Visibility Payroll Interface™ is used as an input.


Comprehensive Reporting

Detailed audit reports are produced for both accounting and employee use. All transactions are archived to allow for complete analysis. Analyze trends, influence budget decisions, and improve forecasting. Summarized expense data gives your company an edge in negotiating rates with travel-service and office-supply vendors and helps ensure adherence to negotiated rates.


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